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  • Cloud Power Plant

    There is no need to install a physical power plant that requires investment cost in the cloud power plant which replaces the old type analog telephone exchanges and it works completely over the internet. So every place where internet is available is your office!

  • Wholesale Line Rental

    It is a TELEKOMEXTRA service that enables you to make calls to any direction (city, intercity, international and GSM) with high voice quality and economical prices without using an additional device or changing the habit of using landline telephones in your home and office.

  • Call Center Services

    TELEKOMEXTRA provides professional cooperation and consultancy services to institutions that want to establish a call center. Getting professional advice during the installation process allows you to set up a quality call center.

  • Number Handling Services

    Number transport is a fixed telephone service that enables you to make calls at advantageous prices over the Internet. You can easily move your number to TELEKOMEXTRA.

TELEKOMEXTRA was founded in 2004 and started to serve in telecommunication sector. It continues to provide telecommunication and consultancy services to its customers with its customer-oriented service approach. Following the latest developments in the telecom sector, our company constantly updates, renews and continues to invest uninterruptedly in the future, our company has the necessary technical infrastructure and information equipment to meet your communication needs in the fastest and perfect way. Our aim; To be a leading company in the telecommunication sector providing the best service to its customers in international standards and quality. In communication service; from individual, entry-level users; While we offer the same excellence solutions to our customers at all levels from corporate to professional level demands, we aim to maximize quality, efficiency and accessibility in our solutions. In order to maintain and improve the quality of our services, we always follow ...
  • Reasonable Price

    You can move your numbers on TELEKOMEXTRA without reducing any transportation, installation and subscription fees, and lower your minute prices.

  • Redundancy

    TELEKOMEXTRA customers automatically back up their incoming and outgoing calls over analog or GSM lines even if their internet connection is interrupted.

  • Uninterrupted Service

    You can carry your fixed phone to TELEKOMEXTRA without any interruptions and you can put an end to the problem of flat fee instantly.